50/50 Arts Production Company

50/50 is a creation from artists Heather Michele Lawler and Ken Sandberg. Heather and Ken met while pursuing their MFA in Acting/Directing at the University of Missouri: Kansas City in 2015 and have been working and creating together ever since.

"When better to officially launch an arts production company than in the middle of an international's pandemic?!" 

A little background:

Ken and Heather met in Graduate School at the University of Missouri: Kansas City (UMKC) while pursuing their MFAs in Acting/Directing. Early on they became close and realized they both had dreams of starting their own artistic company. The more they talked the more they realized they wanted this company to encompass all art forms from classics to new works, theatre to film and everywhere in between. They graduated in May of 2018, packed up their bags, and moved back to New York City where they had both lived in their "younger years."

Less than a year after graduating in February 2019 they mounted the one man show "The Death Of..." as part of Winterfest NYC under the production company 50/50. The show was written and performed by Ken Sandberg and Directed and Designed by Heather Michele Lawler. 50/50 remounted the production to sold out houses in Ken's hometown of Alexandria, Minnesota in August of 2019. They are currently submitting for future Fringe Festivals with this production.

Since September 2019 Heather has been sailing the seas performing in 'Footloose" and "Wine Lovers: The Musical" on the Norwegian Joy for the past 7 months. Ken has been working in New York City writing a new musical and a series of short plays. They have reunited back on solid land and currently displaced from NYC, staying with family in Iowa City. 

During this uncertain time we as a society need new art and artists more than ever! So yes, it's funny to launch a production company in the midst of this madness, but truly, what better time. 

Welcome to 50/50.

Stay tuned for 2020 projects to come.

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